Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Night

The good thing about working the third shift is when I come Friday morning at 9am, I'm done for the week.  So I get home, mow the yard, take a 3-hour power nap, get on the playstation, and now my day is spent.  Where did the day go?

My wife, Christy, made a very simple, yet VERY delicious dinner with Chicken, onions, leeks, artichokes, and potatoes.  If you've never cooked with leeks, it's something you should start doing. They add so much flavor.

Now the lady has me sitting here watching The Secret Life Of Bees. It's a sad/feel-good movie with its fair share of cheese.  It has succeeded in lowering my IQ a few points. So here I am blogging.

The downside to working third shift is that come Friday/Saturday night, I'm expected to sleep and function on normal hours. Thus, I'm helping my sister-in-law and her family move into their new house tomorrow. Does the fun ever stop?

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