You Helped A Brother Out..

I asked. You GAVE. I received. I shall receive more soon. The universe will reward you. I ordain it.

You gave a little, but it was worth a fortune to me. I cannot thank you enough. I found that I had some reward points on my check card. That combined with money from the couch cushions, some milk money, the sale of all my step daughter's belongings, and my wife's blessings, I have the Xbox 360 Elite Spring Bundle package on its way from

Say it with me now: WOOOOOO!

Alex Miranda
Zach Egolf
Ryan Thatcher
Erin Stuelke
Ben Yu
Justin Gehrke
Michelle Haag
Sean Armstrong
Carolyn Newstrom

Thank you for your generosity. I hope to see you all online!

I'm kidding about the milk money. I would never deprive my cereal bowl